Małgorzata Dubyna

Advocate Małgorzata Dubyna graduated in law from the University of Gdańsk in 2003, and then completed an attorney apprenticeship at the District Bar Council in Gdańsk.


Advocate Małgorzata Dubyna started her activities as a lawyer in 2007. In her professional practice, she has undergone a number of practices, incl. in the District Court in Gdynia, in the District Court in Gdańsk, and in the District Prosecutor's Office in Sopot. She has also gained professional experience through working in the Law Firm since 2000.


In addition to performing professional duties, she also served as a member of the Disciplinary Court at the District Bar Council in Gdańsk, and is currently an Inspector at the District Bar Council in Gdańsk. In addition, he is a member of the Football Arbitration Court at the Pomeranian Football Association.


Advocate Małgorzata Dubyna specializes in:

  • in family law - divorces, alimony, division of marital property, matters related to parental authority;
  • in inheritance law - confirmation of inheritance acquisition and division of the inheritance;
  • in property law - i.e. matters relating to ownership, acquisition of property by prescription, perpetual usufruct, usufruct, easement, lien, mortgage, cooperative ownership right to premises
  • in providing services to legal persons and enterprises;
  • in comprehensive services for housing communities;


But also specializes in:

  • analyzes and opinions of various types of contracts - civil law, employment, development, purchase and sale contracts,
  • draws up draft documents - including contracts, regulations, statements, protocols;
  • conducts activities aimed at an amicable settlement of the dispute - including written and direct negotiations,
  • handles claims under the guarantee and warranty,
Małgorzata Dubyna

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