Mateusz Dubyna

Attorney Mateusz Dubyna is a member of the Pomeranian Bar Association in Gdańsk. Since 2015, he has been running an individual Law Firm, however, since 2007, he has been gaining professional experience in a Law Firm, constantly developing his legal knowledge, improving his qualifications and practical skills.


Attorney Mateusz Dubyna specializes in:

  • Criminal law - conducts many criminal cases and is a defense attorney in numerous criminal proceedings, incl. before the National Public Prosecutor's Office, Department for Organized Crime and Corruption, in large criminal trials before District and Appellate Courts, incl. in matters:
  • Organized crime - allegation of participation in an organized criminal group - Art. 258 of the Penal Code,
  • smuggling of large quantities of drugs (tonnes) - Art. 55 sec. 3 of the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction,
  • Art. 62 sec. 2 of the Act on counteracting drug addiction - possession of significant amounts of drugs - narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances,
  • homicide and attempted murder - Art. 148 of the Penal Code,
  • a fight and battery with the result of fatal or serious damage to health - art. 158 in connection with from Article 156 of the Criminal Code,
  • robbery case - art. 280 of the Penal Code,
  • theft - art. 278 of the Penal Code,
  • fraud - art. 286 of the Penal Code - including internet fraud, fraud on the so-called granddaughter, policeman, etc.
  • defended in cases against sexual freedom and decency - cases of rape or other sexual activities, use of a state of defenselessness, etc.
  • and assisted crime victims;


Attorney Mateusz Dubyna also specializes in:

  • Comprehensive legal services for enterprises - legal and natural persons;
  • Economic matters - in disputes between entrepreneurs;
  • Compensation cases - compensation for medical errors, road accidents, personal injuries;
  • Broadly understood law of obligations and contract law - preparation and analysis of contracts in business transactions, settlement negotiations, conducting court cases (eg for payment), as well as conducting enforcement cases on behalf of the creditor;


Attorney Mateusz Dubyna also has extensive experience in handling cases involving:

  • divorces;
  • division of the marital property after the termination of the community property;
  • division of the estate and the abolition of joint ownership;
  • physical defects of the real estate and related claims;


Mateusz Dubyna

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